Condo buyers in love with ‘Marilyn’

“Marilyn Monroe” will soon be getting all dolled up for her big date with destiny.

The so-called Marilyn Monroe building, the awe-inspiring city centre condominium tower designed by Chinese architect Yansong Ma, is still just a hole in the ground. But, buyers have shown a remarkable interest in The Marilyn, as she has been dubbed, and her twin sister. Ma has designed another companion building next door.

“Our excavation is just about completed for both buildings, Marilyn and her counterpart,” Toronto developer Danny Salvadore of Fernbrook Homes told The Globe and Mail. “We’re going to be pouring the first concrete within the next month. Occupancy will be in 2010. Sales exceeded our expectations. We thought it would take us to 2010 to sell the complete project. We have 61 units yet to be sold in both buildings, out of 860.”

When completed the Absolute project at the northeast corner of Hurontario St. and Burnhamthorpe Rd. will feature five towers, including the two designed by Ma. The three others are the work of Toronto architect Roy Varacalli. There will be a total of 1,780 units.

“The design absolutely helped sell it,” Salvadore told The Globe and Mail, apparently not aware of his unintentional pun. “We wanted to create something that would be a landmark for Mississauga, and that we could attach our names to. We were just going into the high-rise business, and we wanted to create something iconic, something we would be recognized for.”

Salvatore said the firm’s partnership with a renowned architect has proven to be a recipe for success so far.

“The reason for us to go the architectural route is that we want our buildings to stand out, and for our names to be associated with them. Architecture combined with a great location will make us a success.”