A city’s defining feature: Marilyn Monroe condos

TORONTO, Canada — Can a building be sexy? Well, yes, if it looks like Marilyn Monroe, which is what locals have dubbed a spectacular condominium complex nearing completion in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga. The project has attracted international attention and critical praise, a rare commodity in a place like Mississauga, a vast bedroom community […]

Curvy ‘Marilyn’ stands tall in Mississauga

Curvy ‘Marilyn’ stands tall in Mississauga MISSISSAUGA People looking for the latest in twisting, gravity-defying architecture mightn’t expect to find it in the suburbs of Toronto. But the first residents are now moving into the Absolute tower, an extremely curvaceous, 56-storey condominium tower in Mississauga. The skyscraper, called the “Marilyn Monroe” by locals for its […]

Mississauga has arrived: sexy suburban buildings make real estate splash

Mississauga has arrived: sexy suburban buildings make real estate splash These sexy buildings are right down the street from us. Allan and I both like them a lot, and have watched their progress in the Mississauga skyline with interest. Apparently many people have been doing the same. From the New York Times real estate pages: People looking […]


Absolute Towers top sealed – MAD Architects – Canada Architect: MAD MAD News: 2010-11-25 Absolute Towers top sealed The Absolute Towers are two residential towers near Toronto designed by MAD, roof sealed last Friday at 170 meters, establishing MAD’s bold new approach to residential design. Representatives from Absolute Towers’ management and Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion joined […]

Condo construction complete

Condo construction complete It’s the structure that drew global attention and is about to become a signature icon on the city’s skyline. This afternoon, Absolute Community’s “Marilyn Monroe” condominium celebrated its topping off. That’s when construction crews, builders and civic officials get together to celebrate a job well done. That means move-in day for residents […]

Will Marilyn’s curves save Mississauga 

Will Marilyn’s curves save Mississauga  If you live downtown, it is easy to dismiss the suburbs. But while efforts to increase density and reduce the sprawl of the Greater Toronto Area are generally focused on the downtown core, the suburbs are where much of the real change must come from. With much of the infrastructure […]

Condo buyers in love with ‘Marilyn’

“Marilyn Monroe” will soon be getting all dolled up for her big date with destiny. The so-called Marilyn Monroe building, the awe-inspiring city centre condominium tower designed by Chinese architect Yansong Ma, is still just a hole in the ground. But, buyers have shown a remarkable interest in The Marilyn, as she has been dubbed, […]